The following pictures are from our fire themed shooting.

There is a simple formula: hippie tops + hotpants + heels with fringes + accessories + 36 degree + temper = summer.
The Look? We did it ourselves. The Accessories? Made from the Balance of Nature Collection from Swarovski. We like. We love it. The options? Festivals (without the heels), beachbars on top of parking ramps (1/2 Heels), hot salsa nights (100% Heels). Flirting? Positive.

Es gibt da eigentlich eine ganz einfache Formel: Hippie Tops + Hotpants + Fransen Heels + Accessoires + 36 Grad + Temperament = Sommer.
Der Look? We did it ourselves. Die Accessiores? Aus der The Balance of Nature Kollektion von Swarovski. Mögen wir. Ziemlich doll. Die Optionen? Festivals (ohne Heels), Strandbars auf Parkdecks (1/2 Heels), Salsa Nächte (100% Heels). Flirts? Definitiv.

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