Taste the summer

This picture shows our sundowner drink beautifully layed out with some ingredients: white chocolate and raspberries.

It’s summer, whoop, whoop! Because of that we want to show you an amazing sundowner drink recipe.

Maracuya juice
White chocolate treacle
Strawberry oder raspberry treacle
Crushed ice

How to
The base is as always crushed ice. 4cl of the white chocolate treacle with 2cl of the raspberry treacle, fill it with maracuya juice and add a straw. Taste the summer.

Es ist Sommer, whoop, whoop! Deswegen hier ein fabelhaftes Sundowner Rezept.

Weiße Schokolade Sirup
Erdbeer oder Himbeer Sirup
Crushed Ice

How to
Die Basis ist doch immer Crushed Ice. Danach 4cl des weiße Schokolade Sirups und 2cl des Himbeer Sirup und mit Maracujasaft auffüllen. Strohhalm addieren und - Sommer schmecken.

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